about the museum

Luxury limousines, cars for the masses, models that changed the course of history, vans that recall the days of wartime turmoil, and a collection of motorcycles from around the globe – all of these are waiting at the Gdynia Motor Museum.

the exhibits

The small exhibition hall at 2C Żwirowa Street in Gdynia Chylonia houses an impressive collection of vintage cars and motorcycles, historical documents and memorabilia. It is filled with the authentic automotive spirit of the previous century.

In times of growing popularity for narrative museums practically devoid of exhibits, the Gdynia Motor Museum collection is all the more worthy of appreciation. All of the items showcased here are authentic. All of their parts are genuine and, remarkably, the vehicles are all fully operational and ready to hit the road. In fact, they often do: cars and motorcycles from the Museum take part in parades celebrating national holidays and municipal and regional events. They also appear in films, and are very popular with couples wishing to arrive at their wedding in style, in a unique, classic vehicle.

The exhibits on display constitute less than half of the total collection of the Gdynia Motor Museum. Due to limited exhibition space, most of the vehicles await their turn in the garage. Perhaps one day they will all stand proudly under one roof, as plans are underway to move the Museum to a larger building in downtown Gdynia.

Our offer

The classic vehicles exhibited at the Gdynia Motor Museum not only look great, but are in excellent condition. Just fill up the tank, start the ignition and... off they go.


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ul. Żwirowa 2c
Gdynia - Cisowa
Telefon: 58 663 87 40
Admission tickets:
Standard: 20 PLN
Reduced: 15 PLN (children 15 or under)
Opening hours:
Monday - Saturday
9:00 - 17:00